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Master Ng Tak Wing, "Edward", was born in Guangdong, China, and was a student of famed Grand Master Chan Hon Chung in the late 1960s. Master Ng has studied Hung Gar for over 50 years and tai chi for over 40 years. In 1973 he immigrated to the U.S., and in 1975 he began studying Yang style Tai Chi from Master Yu Tung-Ho; at which time, he graduated with an engineering degree at California State University in Fresno. He continues to live in California with his wife Irene. Despite owning his own structural engineering practice, he still finds time to teach willing students in the Central California Area.


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Sifu Dan (Brett Daniel Shehadey) has studied Martial arts for over 20 years. He is the chief instructor at Discover Kung Fu. His method of teaching is one-to-one, which is how he was originally trained: in the backyard of Ng Sifu's house all those dry hot Fresno summers and wet winters.

Sifu takes great care to individualize instruction according to the needs of his students, and he has years of experience in communicating his deep insight in martial arts to his students. He offers private and semi-private adult-only lessons in Kung Fu and Tai Chi at Discover Kung Fu.


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Paul Fauteux has studied several different styles of martial arts. After earning a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do in 2003 and briefly studying Goju Ryu Karate as a college student, he began studying Hung Gar Kung Fu under Sifu Dan in 2007.

After fourteen years of studying Hung Gar Kung Fu, he is offering group lessons to teens and adults at the Discover Kung Fu facility in Fairfax as well as outdoors in the Centerville and Chantilly area.

A father to two young girls, he is also a high school teacher for FCPS.


Hung Gar Lineage

• Abbot Gee Sim Sin See
• Hung Hei Goon
• Luk Ah Choy
• Wong Tai
• Wong Kei Ying
• Wong Fei Hung
• Lam Sai Wing
• Chan Hon Chung
• Ng Tak Wing

• Brett Daniel Shehadey

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